UTB Trade & Trader

Our Career Policy

One of the strongest aspects of our company is the value it gives to people. It prioritizes employee satisfaction in all areas from training to remuneration and reward systems, from the social opportunities it provides to a pleasant working environment.

As Human Resources, we evaluate our candidates on the basis of the "qualifications" required by the position they are applying for, as well as the "competencies" required by this position.

While the education you have received, the foreign languages ​​you have mastered and your previous work experience in similar positions are your “qualifications”; leadership, analytical thinking, team acting, result oriented etc. personality traits also constitute the "competency" criteria of our company.

The most important competencies that we prioritize in our recruitment criteria and apply to all positions: dynamism and as a team leader and team player; focus on winning and achieving positive results.

As our company, we see our employees' determination to succeed as a symbol of our corporate power. If you believe you can make a difference and want to be a part of our team, contact us.

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